A Free Vintage Style Lightroom Preset: Burnt Sunflowers

Bear with me for a minute whilst I geek out a bit.

I’ve created my first Lightroom Preset and I am quite pleased as punch with it.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me enlighten you:

Adobe Lightroom is photo management and editing software.

If you are familiar with Google’s Picasa, you would find that there are many similarities – only Lightroom is much more powerful.

A difference, let’s say, between driving a car with a 4 cylinder motor, and then hopping into a sexy BMW with a V12 motor. Mmmm – horsepower!

How did we get talking about cars?!

Anyway, much in the same way that one can create an Action to automate certain procedures in Photoshop, presets in Lightroom memorize and save settings that you have adjusted for color, clarity etc.

I created my first one the other night whilst playing around and I thought I would share it with you:

Vintage style adobe lightroom preset by Jen Kiaba
Vintage style adobe lightroom preset by Jen KiabaVintage style adobe lightroom preset by Jen Kiaba

The three examples above show how the preset behaves with different tones. You may find that you want to adjust the Hues of your Red or Oranges, depending on the type of tones found in your original image.

Download this preset for free with the coupon code SAMPLEME and try it out for yourself: Download Burnt Sunflowers

Remember: all presets need to be tweaked a tad to get them to perfection.

Rarely are they perfect right out of the “box.”

Let me know how it works out for you, and if you would like to see more in the future!

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